Strathcona Bottle Depot
10347 73 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1C1
Open. Closes at 6:00 PM
Raised $500.25 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
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I applaud this depot because they are always friendly and efficient. I have also seen them treat every person with kindness.
They are quick and efficient. Everytime i go there, i returned fully satisified.
This is great place to drop off returnables. It also takes paper, cardboard and some electronics. The service is quick and efficient.
Very efficient friendly service with convenient parking.
This is a great facility. They are considerate, fast and treat all customers with consideration. I also applaud them for the measures they have taken to minimize the chances of Covid infection.
It is convenient to where i shop, and the service there is always very good.
I applaud bc of their patience and attention to detail by always counting correctly
It is fast and courteous. i especially like the new cash system where they give you a card that you use at an ATM-like device. It's more accurate and faster than the old cashier system.
I go to this depot about twice a month. The service is great.
Always accurate and quick, it's always nice and clean as well.
I feel respected, the people treated me fairly. Thank you
The service at this location was fast, accurate and friendly.
Quick service and accurate counting each time I go there.
Friendly and efficient service at the Strathcona Depot!
They are quick enough for me and the service is good
They are fast they get it right every time and I like them
I like this depot because they are honest. I counted my bottles before going in, the result was the same as what I had counted.... Will keep bringing my bottles THERE!
Very fast service, staff were very polite and I received the correct bottle money
The employees here are always friendly, efficient and quick.
I came in over the weekend and was blown away with the amazing quick service! Employees were friendly and happy. Will definitely be back! Keep up the great work, Strathcona Bottle Depot!
Great job!!! Excellent service, wonderful facility
Fast efficient friendly service. I have been using this depot for a number of years and it has always been great.
Efficient, fast and friendly service. VERY clean.
I was there a week and a half ago and my car wouldn't start, 4 employees helped me for almost an hour trying to diagnose my problem. Above and beyond!!
The staff at Bottle Depot located on 103 Street and 73 Avenue are always very kind and always say 'hello' to me and acknowledge me as a regular customer returning bottles, mostly beer cans which are consumed by my son...and I reap the benefits...........I like going to this Depot, because they are always friendly and very efficient.....I certainly would recommend this Depot, because they are 'honest'........thank you........diane
Quick efficient service. I have been using this facility for a number of years, and it's always been great.
The service was wonderful! They go above and beyond to sort the bottles.
Quick and efficient service. I have been using this one for some years, and it's always been very good.
i like this company .staff is very nice .i have been here for many years.
I have been using the Strathcona bottle depot for years. For the past few years the quick return has routinely been much longer because my adult autistic son , Marshall loves to ‘ work’ in the back and help the staff with big sort. They let him and he loves it. For a man with no social life I think it helps him feel needed.
Friendly and courteous staff, extremely efficient.
They smile, work fast and efficiently, and are very kind and welcoming.
admirable and courteous service. especially their service regarding people with disabilities such as myself.
There been a improvement over the last couple years, they brought in technology, renovation to the building and increased in customer service.
I often bring large loads here from the restaurant in which I work. These workers are friendly, attentive and speedy. For what it's worth.. they do good work :)
They are always pleasant and efficient. What more could you ask for? Do their job well and offer a smile.
I've going there for probably 25 years. My non-verbal autistic son is now 20. He enjoys our weekly trips to the depot and he loves to help. The staff not only let him they encourage him - high fives and smiles all around. The short time it should take to return the empties is always much longer cause of his 'helping' and he usually 'works' in the back for 10 - 25 mins after we're done.
The staff are always friendly and helpful
Workers are fast and friendly!
Off the beaten path; easy parking; courteous workers; efficient workers; pleasant experience.
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