West Edmonton Bottle Depot
10036 168 St, Edmonton, Alberta T5P 3W8
Open. Closes at 5:30 PM
Raised $1475 in 2024
and $57560.05 since 2009
for Alberta Cans for Kids
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This is my regular bottle depot, lines are usually short, employees are friendly and they take the hassle out of returning bottles. Since Ive been coming here, I've stopped putting off bottle runs and take them in regularly. Great overall.
They are consistently honest with their counts! A well kept orderly experience
My 'go-to' bottle depot! Clean, precise and friendly staff. Even when there is a line up, you never have to wait too long. ALSO, they have added barriers between stations making it very safe.
Every 3rd or 4th visit I would count the items I'm bringing in and see if there count matches what I brought. This is the only location that has never made a mistake for the last 5 years I've been going there. I usually take my recyclables to 4 different locations, by far this location is the friendliest, fastest and hands down most accurate place. There staff are great
Everyone working here is always friendly and efficient. They keep the customer area clean, minimizing the smell.
The best bottle depot in Edmonton! The owner is such a sweetheart! His staff are sweethearts that are so fast, friendly, funny and efficient! They never slack or waste time! They treat you like family! I look forward to every visit, and never fail shout enthusiastic praises to them in Tagalog!
The employees are always friendly and very efficient. They put the effort into keeping it clean, frequently mopping the floors to prevent a build up of liquids.
Very kind, welcoming staff that keep me coming back
I go to this location frequently and the lady who I think owns it is always very pleasant and understanding and helpful. The rest of her staff is equally obliging when they have looked after me also. Good work 🤠
Very fast and friendly service, workers were in a good mood Appeared to enjoy Their jobs which was so nice
This bottle depot seem to strive for continuous improvement. It has steadily improved its operations over the years and currently has a very efficient process for getting customers in an out as soon as possible. The staff are clearly well trained and are for the most part extremely efficient. I noticed the latest improvement when I went in today is a large screen TV that customers can watch while standing in line. The depot managers also strive to help customers at all times. An example was last winter when people were lined up outside the door. The manager asked everyone in line to minimize gaps between themselves to enable as many of the customers to come out of the cold and line up within the facility.
Every time I take my recycle at Centennial Bottle Depot the staff are always friendly and so are the people who ran the bottle depot and l find them always polite and very helpful, it is amazing the owner of Centennial Bottle Depot are always helping their customer who avoid long line up on busy days I applaud Centennial Bottle Depot for doing a great job to their customer and their co-workers at Centennial Bottle Depot
Fast friendly service, it was clean with good atmosphere. I could watch the tally screen at the same time the they were telling me the tally.
The depot is the obly one I get full value for my bottles at. They are courteous and always friendly
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